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The 9th IMIHO Users' Meeting took place on 22 May 18, hosted by the 404 Military Hospital, in Larissa. Representatives from Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Skopje and Sofia, along with members from SEDM Secretariat participated in the event. The vision, ongoing and upcoming activities, as well as the functionality of the IMIHO portal were presented to the personnel of the Hospital. The IMIHO Chairman and the delegations had the opportunity to engage in conversation and witness the high professional level of the Hospital's personnel.

The 27th IMIHO Technical Working Group on 23 May 18, was hosted in SEEBRIG HQ in Camp SCHINA, near Tyrnavos. Prior to the Meeting, a detailed briefing regarding SEEBRIG was presented to the delegations. During the Meeting, the IMIHO Chairman elaborated on the significant progress and tangible outcomes achieved during the last months, as well as the planned way-ahead. A fruitful dialog produced several action items of common interest and benefits. Specific actions were decided, aiming at further enriching the IMIHO Portal, enhancing functions offered at no cost to users, including webinars and online training.

On 24 May 18, the delegations had the memorable experience of visiting the majestic Monasteries of Meteora.

The IMIHO Chairman would like to thank Athens and especially the 1st Army and 404 Military Hospital for hosting the event and the excellent hospitality. Finally, he expressed his appreciation to the personnel of SEEBRIG for the exemplary organization and warm cordiality, as well as to SEDM Secretariat for the invaluable support.

Finally, we hope that these multinational activities will bring the national health care communities closer, provide an online medium for information and expertise exchange, while fostering scientific and academic collaboration among professionals of the Health Care Institutions, serving Military personnel.

More information will become available at the IMIHO Portal.

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 08:23

26th TWG - 8th Users IMIHO Meeting

The 26th IMIHO TWG and 8th Users Meeting were held in the LEPL Giorgi Abramishvili MOD Hospital, located in Gori, near Tbilisi, during 24-26 Oct 2017.

The IMIHO Project, as well as the capabilities of modern technologies for medical, research and education purposes, were presented to the Hospital Administration and Personnel.
A very fruitful and cordial meeting was also conducted among the participants from Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Rome, Sofia and Tbilisi.


Many actions with tangible results were decided, as documented in the Meeting Minutes.
Also, Dr. Ugliesa URGUREVIC presented uses of Modern Technologies for Medical Education. 
Once more, I would like to emphasize the excellent opportunities to exchange experience, information and views on subjects of common interest, as well as facilitate and foster cooperation among nations and individuals.
We would like to thank all participants for their valuable input and especially the SEDM Secretariat participants for their support during the Meeting and the project in general. Also, we would like to congratulate Mrs Seda ÖZEL GÜRKAN, as recipient of the IMIHO award.
Last but most importantly, we feel obliged to thank the Administration and Personnel of Giorgi Abramishvili MOD Military Hospital, as well as MOD in Tbilisi for their excellent organization and warm hospitality, that was evident to us at all times. We would like to especially thank Mr. Shota CHILINDRISHVILI for his tireless efforts and effective coordination of many and diverse activities, organized during the Meetings. 
We hope that future Meetings will reach the same level of success and cordiality.
LtCol Theodoros Valsamidis
IMIHO Chairman
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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 11:12

IMIHO Framework

IMIHO aspires to establish a framework as a basis to define and establish simple, comprehensive and effective procedures to facilitate international cooperation among military medical hospitals and minimizing effort duplication; for example, international research projects often require lengthy and time consuming authorizations through various levels of hierarchies. Nations, by establishing a common framework, SEDM nations agree in principle to follow agreed guidelines and procedures, while respecting organizational considerations or budgetary limitations. 

In general, the IMIHO Guidance and Framework describes processes and procedures on the following subjects:

  • Fostering international scientific research cooperation among Military Hospitals.
  • Investigating and practically applying new technologies.
  • Rationalizing cost and effort; ideally operate without budget.
  • Collection, process and sharing of unclassified, non-personal medical information.
  • Organizing multinational activities through simple, defined, comprehensive and viable processes agreed by all nations.
  • Facilitating collaboration among teams and individuals
  • Allow multinational academic instructions and tele-education.
  • Increasing awareness -both public and within the medical communities- of Hospital activities and personal work.
  • Strengthening the SEDM Process with tangible and measurable results.

In general, this framework establishes the following cases:

  • Subproject: A multinational initiative on a specific topic of common interest related, directly or indirectly to Military Medicine.
  • Service: The provision of a function, usually in the form of information collection, storage, retrieval or propagation or for consolatory purposes.
  • Group Project: An initiative involving experts from at least two nations working together on a specific topic related to Military Medicine.
  • Communications: Messages among entities and individuals.
  • Educational Activities: Activities aiming at learning, training or experience sharing.
  • Non monetary incentives for participation and rewards for excellence.

The primary integration point is the IMIHO portal; by providing convenient access to users, the online system will function as a collaboration platform, as well as a medium to collect, store and publish information and results.

The framework aspires to secure involvement of medical personnel and sufficient participation to the program's activities. It is a first step into building an international, active and ever-growing medical community willing to cooperate -preferable on a volunteer basis in establishing a repository of medical information, a collaboration platform and a meeting place to exchange knowledge, experiences and opinions in an interactive way. Moreover, a fruitful process to accrue the benefits of information integration and international coordination is initiated, in a form of living document, title “IMIHO Guidance and Framework”. This document will be continuously updated to include new information technologies, best practices, as well as improvements based on suggestions and feedback.

For more information, a video presentation is provided below:

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Saturday, 12 December 2015 13:03

Giorgi Abramishvili Military Hospital, Gori

Tbilisi participates in IMIHO with Military Hospital named after Giorgi Abramishvili located in town Gori.