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Terms of Use

From the moment users become registered members of IMIHO web site, these rules are considered accepted. In case a member doesn't follow these rules, the national administrators have the right to suspend or even delete the membership of the user.

  • All members are obliged not to reveal the identity of patients when posting content (name, cases descriptions and personal information). For reference purposes, an non-identifying alias may be used instead.
  • Photographs, videos, etc, showing facial or distinctive characteristics need the patient's approval to be posted.
  • Any posted content will not violate other persons' rights and copyright rules. 
  • Information posted on the IMIHO website should not have copyright or limitation that preclude its publication. However, the contributor can provide a link to the copyrighted content, if available on-line, or provide a reference. In case of copyright infringements, the offending content will be unpublished.
  • Every member has the right to report content as inappropriate by contacting the national administrator.
  • Members, whose content was reported as inappropriate and removed, will be warned. If he/she continues posting inappropriate content, his/her account will be deleted.
  • All medical content has to have a specific date of creation and a last modification date.
  • You have to clearly indicate the recognized, scientific or official sources of health information quoted in your articles. If you used another website, a book, an article, a database or any other support, it has to be specified. The references specified have to lead us to the article mentioned. You have to provide a precise link to the source, whenever it is possible and the references should be in relation with the content referred.
  • All opinions, views and suggestions posted in the IMIHO website is provided for advisory or experience sharing purposes only. Information on the IMIHO forums, without formal publication in a respective medical publication, does not constitute endorsement from the medical community or other IMIHO members. 
  • Users must differentiate medical facts and approved practices from their personal expert opinions or estimations. If you post personal experience, this has to be declared explicitly. In any other case, the source must be given.It is very important to clarify, that these expert opinions are provided only as suggestions or personal views and should be taken under consideration with caution.
  • The responsibility for the diagnosis and treatment of patients lies completely on the hospital and the medical personnel assigned to the specific case.
  • No anonymous posts are allowed in the IMIHO forums Users need to log on by using their credentials. In this way, user identity is verified, provided that no account sharing takes place; a practice that is not allowed and is unnecessary, since accounts are provided free of charge.
  • Moderation or verification of content will be handled by national administrators or expert users, by default upon submission of new (unpublished) content, request or complaint from other members.  
  • Translation of content is automatic and may contain errors; thus should be used with caution by the medical professionals.

This website has taken every possible measure, in order cases' data are protected. However, members of IMIHO web site will not:

  • Try to gather personal data from posted cases.
  • Take part in illegal commercial activities.
  • Upload malware or other virus infected files.
  • Sign in the web site with other member's credentials.
  • Harass other members.
  • Encourage other members to take part in illegal activities.
  • Publish discussions with other members without their prior consent.

Furthermore, it is accepted that as members of the web site, you will not:

  • Give any personal details that are not yours.
  • Mention your sign in credentials to others.
  • Post any classified information.

Possible implications on sensitive political issues (nation names, etc) will be dealt according to international regulations.